CASA in Action Endorses Initial Group of Candidates for General Assembly and Local Council Seats

CASA in Action, the region’s largest immigrant rights electoral organization has endorsed its first set of candidates for the General Assembly and local council seats.  The first set of endorsements by an organization with 96,000+ lifetime members, rewards existing pro-immigrant leaders and lifts up exciting new leaders.

“Far too often we are grasping at crumbs when we fight to protect our members from abusive police, unscrupulous employers, crooked landlords, and worse,” said Gustavo Torres, President of CASA in Action.  “In 2018 we are going to fight hard for the people who recognize that working families are the backbone of our community and merit justice.”

This decision also provided CASA in Action Board members an opportunity to lift up new candidates who have already done significant work in their communities in the fight for justice. Julie Palakovich Carr, running for Delegate in District 17, led the successful battle in Rockville to outlaw collaboration between local government and ICE.

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