Endorsements from Delegates Barve and Gilchrist

Exciting news in my campaign for the state house: Delegates Kumar Barve and Jim Gilchrist have asked me to join the District 17 Team. I'm honored to have their endorsements!

Statement from Delegates Barve and Gilchrist:

As you may know, Delegate Andrew Platt recently announced his decision not to run for reelection. Delegate Jim Gilchrist and I are saddened to hear this, but we wish our colleague and good friend the best of luck in his future endeavors and look forward to his future successes.

The three of us had intended to form a slate as three candidates with similar political and philosophical views, but differing backgrounds. Delegate Platt’s departure has created an opportunity for us to expand the diversity of our team while supporting a deserving and experienced progressive Democrat.

We are excited to announce our intention to support for the House of Delegates Rockville City Councilmember Julie Palakovich Carr. Julie has been a progressive leader during her two terms in office and has a notable track record on issues such as the environment, diversity, and public health.

Julie’s election to the House will bring the benefits of a person with a background in science, progressive policy experience and that of an elected municipal official, to the District 17 Democratic Team. We find these qualifications to be extremely compelling. Jim and I look forward to working with Julie toward victory this year, and especially in serving together as colleagues.

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