Julie's Vision for Maryland

Campaign Finance reform

We need to end "pay to play" by special interests in state elections by prohibiting state-registered lobbyists from contributing to state level political campaigns.


Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety

Our streets are too dangerous for everyone who uses them. By pursuing a 'Vision Zero' strategy, Maryland should aim for eliminating deaths and serious injuries of pedestrians, bicyclists, and people in vehicles.

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Women's Rights

Only 34% of Maryland state legislators are women. This gender gap is reflected in our state's laws. For instance, it took nearly a decade to repeal the state law that required a woman to get her rapist's permission to put the resulting baby up for adoption. I will fight for the rights of women, including our right to make our own choices about our bodies.

Paid Family Leave

Maryland needs paid family leave to allow people to care for an infirm family member or to bond with their newborn or adopted child without worrying about making ends meet.


Tackling Climate Change

Maryland should do its part to address climate change and to improve local air quality by aiming for 50% of its electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030. Five other states plus DC have already set similar goals.

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Gun Control

Maryland is a leader in terms of sensible gun laws, but we can do more to protect our residents. Counties and cities should be allowed to enact even stronger gun control laws, but are currently preempted under state law. I will push for local governments to have this authority.

Public Transportation

We need to invest in public transportation to reduce traffic congestion and ensure that everyone has access to jobs and education opportunities.

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Excellent Education

Montgomery County schools need sufficient resources from the state to maintain their high quality and to keep up with the second fastest enrollment growth rate in the state.

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